Susan Holland is a 1986 graduate of the Macomb Community College Veterinary Technician program, a member of Academy of Veterinary Technicians Anesthetists (AVTA) since 2004 ,a member of the AVTA credentialing committee (2008), Michigan Association  of Veterinary Technicians (MAVT) and National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) with over 15 years of specialty medicine experience.  

Susan worked for nearly 10 years at Michigan Veterinary Specialists (MVS) in their Surgical Department with Dr. Daniel Degner, first at their original Southfield, Michigan, location and later taking a leadership role as head of the Surgical Department in their new Auburn Hills, Michigan, location in 2003.  In May 2007, Susan joined the new surgical staff of Animal Cancer and Imaging Center (ACIC) as head of the Surgical Department working with Dr. Richard Walshaw.

As the head of the Surgical Department at ACIC, Susan has worked with management to raise the level of care that each patient receives through the advancement of continuing education programs.  She shares both her experience and knowledge with both the surgical and medical oncology staff of ACIC, as well as initiating continuing education programs for ACIC.

As part of her emphasis on education, Susan is a member Michigan Ferret Rescue and Adoption Network (MFRAN) and the Great Lakes Obedience Club of Michigan (GLOCM), both 501c3 organizations committed to the education of pet owners and community municipalities.  Through these organizations, she has had opportunity to educate pet owners, the general public and veterinary technician students