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The Academy of Veterinary Surgical Technicians (AVST) appreciates your interest in becoming a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Surgery, VTS (Surgery). The AVST’s goal is to assure the veterinary profession and the public that an AVST certified technician possesses the knowledge, skills and experience needed to practice surgical nursing at an advanced level of competency.

The requirements of eligibility for the examination are defined in the AVST Constitution and Bylaws. Although the academy requirements are rigorous, they are not designed to be obstacles to prevent candidates from becoming certified; they are intended to assure the public and the profession that technicians certified by the AVST have demonstrated a high degree of competence.

All forms demonstrated in this packet MUST be used for the application submission. All forms must be typed or word-processed.

Download the blank forms from the website for use in your application.

With exception of the AVST Small Animal Advanced Surgical Skills Form (please scan and save to submit) and other application-associated signatures, all forms must be word-processed. Hand written forms will not be accepted.

Include only the information requested. Extraneous documents will not be accepted  and may result in your application being rejected. This is a professional application and all efforts should be made by the applicant to ensure it is an example of their highest quality of work. Poor spelling and grammar may adversely affect the approval of your application. Plagiarism is unacceptable.